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Re: SHOUT it from the rooftops

Hello Ciemon!

03 Dec 00 09:37, you wrote to Amsat-Bb:

 CT> But I'd like to publicly thank Howard G6LVB for my first ever
 CT> satellite contact.

Glad you made it. :-)  Was kind of exciting being on IRC and knowing you were
off chasing your first bird! :)

 CT> I sort of fell into a sked which I probably wouldn't have made
 CT> otherwise; 09:09UTC on AO-27 today. Luckily most of EU was trying
 CT> UO-14 so we had the bird to ourselves for the first couple of minutes.

Happens like that. :)

 CT> I was starting to doubt my ability to use the ArrowII/HT combination
 CT> but Howard's helped to change that.
 CT> To all you Elmers, this final step of a sked has gotta be the way to
 CT> confirm all the lessons you may have taught.

In the training game, that's known as a "practical exercise", en excellent way
to reinforce learning and put theory into practice! :-)

Again, congratulations and I wish you many more enjoyable satellite contacts.

Tony, VK3JED

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