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Re: Ao10..very strong....!

Hello Jens.
I am happy to report AO-10 has been very well behaved over North America the last few weeks also.  The current orbit has it going into eclipse in the
early evening here just as it gets to perigee and over Europe, but signal strength is great and QSB has been mild.  Strong signals have been heard from
Western Europe and ZR6.  On Friday night there was a polite line waiting in line to work AA4MD at a hamfest in Florida and on Saturday night there was a huge pile-up trying to work the N4ISS special event station--he logged about a dozen calls before eclipse.  Earlier in the day when the bird is to the west, many stations have been heard and worked in VK, ZL, and JA.  I'm glad I have AO-10 to entertain me while I wait for a window of opportunity to hear the AO-40 S-band beacon(s) :-)
Jerry, K5OE

<< This morning Ao10 is very strong in apogeum.
Switched between LHCP/RHCP for downlink,most
LHCP is better S 5...6.
For uplink 98 % I `m using LHCP.
RHCP used is not readable,only S1.
10 watts(!!SSB!!) is enough to get the signal back with 
5/4 ,distance 40.600 km.


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