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Re: Why noTransponder use yet?

In a message dated 00-11-30 17:15:49 EST, you write:

> Might be picking up my 2.4 GHz dish next week, anyone got a 
> source of a good design for a feed? (say, a small helix or similar)

G3RUH has written an article on a small helix feed for mode S.
It's available on the amsat web site www.amsat.org along
with the rest of his excellent articles.  These should be required
reading, really!

Also, Ed Krome K9EK, has written a couple of articles on Mode S
feeds, helices and dishes.  These are collected in the book 
"Mode S:The book" which you should be able to obtain from 
Matha at Amsat HQ.

Douglas KA2UPW
"Satellite/QRP/Mobile...all at the same time!"
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