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Re: listening to telemetry

>  29 Nov 00 14:25, you wrote to All:
>   B> what freq is the 2 meter beacon on and do I need more than a whip
>   B> antenna and an old ft 221-r sideband rig to listen to it?
I've heard the beacon quite strongly using a Yaesu FT290 and just
a 5/8 magmount on my car roof.  I was able to record the beacon
with my soundcard/laptop and demodulate it fine.   The trick is to listen
when the satellite's range to you is small.  Plot an orbit and go listen when
the satellite is as close to you as possible.  Note that the satellite's 
is related to, but not exactly the same thing as, the satellite's range.

Douglas KA2UPW
"Satellite/QRP/Mobile...all at the same time!"
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