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847 Mic Gain

I am able to use full Mic Gain (knob cw) without overdriving the output on
my 847.  Played with it again tonight while chatting with my Dad on 80
meters.  Basically, he indicated very little difference in my signal between
the 12 o'clock position and full cw.  I have run it at approximately the 3
o'clock position since I purchased the rig.  The ALC meter on the rig does
not show that I am overdriving it either.

Overall he said that I had a good signal.  Comparable to my FT-990 that we
started our conversation on.  Band conditions were good for us at the time.

Just wondering if this is normal for the 847 or something that I should have
looked into before the warranty runs out.

Thanks for any input.

Michael Kingery
mkingery@ala.net (email)

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