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Re: Any Risk ? --> Bad Apples

Hi, Joe,

At 09:59 PM 03-12-00 -0500, Joe Leikhim wrote:
>I note that the restrictions in Part 97 which pertain to use of encryption,
>specifically exclude amateur satellite telecommand communications from any
>restrictions on the use of encryption.

Part 97 has no bearing on AO-40 as it is not covered by a license issued by 
the USA administration (FCC).  However, related domestic Earth stations are 

Nevertheless, security for telecommand purposes clearly goes beyond the 
Radio Regulations which normally prohibit encryption (by requiring plain 
language for all transmissions).

Historically, telecommand transmissions for critical spacecraft functions 
are generally accepted by administrations as being exempt from the 
requirement to use plain language.

This topic is covered in the IARU background 
paper.  See:  http://www.iaru.org/satellite/prospective.html.

In the USA, we have a unique problem where many people ask to see such 
details committed to rule or regulation.  That's why you see it here in 
Part 97.

Such is life.

Clearly, the command stations have matters well in hand.  That's all we 
really need to know.  As a practical matter, I suggest we drop this topic 
so as not to stimulate interest in hacking.

Hope this helps.

73, art.....

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