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Re: Re[2]: Any Risk ? --> Bad Apples

One of those bad apples showed up today on the FM birds--with intentional 
jamming on UO-14, followed by the same tones appearing on AO-27 a few minutes 
later.  It's very unfortunate that someone with enough savvy to work 
satellites has nothing more productive to do.  The good news is he/she 
apparently doesn't have any analog gear as I didn't hear him on any of the 
those birds today.
Jerry, K5OE

> My bottom line here is we need to be vigilant, within reason.  Fortunately,
>  99.999% of the people with the capability to "talk" to the bird wouldn't
>  have any malicious intent (the vast bulk would be us hams working it), but
>  we should have some provisions, if a "bad apple" does pop up.
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