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Re[2]: Any Risk ?

  Rick wrote:

RW> Anderson - As far as I know, no one sends telemtry to the
RW> satellite.  Telemetry is the health and welfare of the bird.  There are
RW> sensors measuring hundreds of items on the satellite and the telemetry is
RW> sent to the ground to report on the health of the satellite. Without
RW> telemetry, no one on the ground would know what's happening on board the
RW> satellite.

      Hi, Rick, 73.
      Telemetry  is  not  the  correct  word  to use. I meant to say
      commands.  Of course the terrestrial stations send commands to
      the  sats.  But  Bruce  KK5DO  explained  the  matter.  Ground
      controllers  don't  publish  the frequencies, so to avoid this
      kind of problem. And they use passwords.
      I'm  wondering  if a cracker really wanted, he could intercept
      the  commands  sent to the sats, decrypt it, get the password,
      and transform phase3d into a Citizen Band LEO! God forgive us!
      hi...  Thanks God there's no CB rigs on it... :)
      Just kidding, no flames from CBers, please...

 anderson colla - py1vhf

Sunday, December 03, 2000
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