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Re: 3Dec 2000Z pass on 2400MHz

>Hi all.  First, I think that Kep set #4 is now not as accurate as some
>recently published.  AOS was eight minutes early today, 3 Dec 2000.
>      Nothing heard on either 2400.6 or 2401.350 while the two meter beacon
>was very strong.  At 20:08:50 a "glitch" was heard on two meters
>suggesting that the mode S beacon was turned off, however I assume I do
>not have enough elevation to hear it well.
>      Thanks Tony, Mark, Dave and others for the confirming help on this!!
>Cliff K7RR
I finally "found" the 2.4 MB with my old O13 converter!!

I was able to copy telemetry with P3T starting at 2006z and my 2m IF indicated
2401.318.7.  The frequency did not appear to be stable, forgot to turn on 
the log,
and don't think I got any valid CRCC.  Is the instability due to my old 
The signal was quite strong, and cut-off occurred at 2009z with an 
indicated MA of
25.4 on IT150 with the infamous set #3.  Elevation here in San Diego was 
about 2°, and a
"swing check" with my 30" dish indicated the AZ of 250° appears to be good.
My antenna "looks" right at the ocean...

I'd sure like some comments on the instability, as well as my frequency at 

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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