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Re: TLM readings

At 04:49 PM 2000-12-03 +0100, you wrote:
>Have study the amsat phase 3d telemetry document rel. 1,4  2000.
>Maybe someone can answer this questions...
>(P3T telemetry. readings)
>1.  Is the "SEU" readings on "Nav"  the same as Spinrate (rpm) ?
>      (Today readings = 7,6)  rpm ?

Yes, this is the S/C calculated RPM.  It's off slightly because the 
calibration equation needs tweaking at this slow speed.  Actual RPM today 
is about  6.3

>2. "Temp". Readings on solarpanels panel1 and panel6 ALWAYS
>       seems to be temps below zero.  is this correct due to the
>       spinning of the satellite ?  I have never noticed any temps
>       below zero on the other panels yet.

Panels 1 & 6 are the firmly attached ones that won't be "swung out" when we 
go to 3-axis mode.  Part of their surface is covered with reflective tape 
for thermal balance, unlike the other four panels.  Because of this, and 
possibly because of differences in their backing and mounting, they run 
colder.  The readings are correct.

Incidently, you will notice that as the solar angle has decreased (sun 
shining directly on solar panels), the temperature of the entire S/C has 
decreased. This is exactly as predicted.  When more sunlight is shining on 
the ends of the S/C it gets warmer.

>3. Any explanation on the "V-TX"  readings (today 129)  ?
>     12,9 Watt ?

This is a  "raw" data value in the range of 0-255.
It  roughly correlates with power output but does not directly indicate watts.

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