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2 P3D questions

2 quick P3D questions.
1) Where does P3D get the MA data it is sending down?  Ie is it actually determining 
it's position in the orbit by navigational methods, or is it running some on board 
tracking program like we are running?  Assuming the former, how, since it's GPS 
seems to be turned off.

2) Not having an appropriate modem for my TNCs, I have been using the IZ8BLY 
decoder.  The only way I have been able to get it to feed data to P3T is via my local 
network, from my downstairs computer to P3T running on my upstairs computer.  This 
works fine, but I'm getting tired of running up and down stairs.  Is there some way of 
getting it to feed P3T on the same computer, real time???

BTW, the IZ8BLY/P3T is a really impressive combination. Nice.

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