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Re: AO-40 2.4 GHz S1 beacon

Hello Jean-Louis,
today it was also my first try to receive the S band beacon after having 
installed the antenna yesterday. I had success but it seems to me  that the 
beacon was not switched on exactly at MA 15 but sonewhat later. However, it 
was witched off exactly at MA 26. 
The signal was approx. 10-12 db above noise with rather heavy fading. It was 
necessary to point the antenna very exactly. I am using stacked longyagis 
horizontally polarized an a masthead converter UEK-2000 SAT from SSB 
Reinhard, DJ1KM
Locatot JO42UH / Hannover

<<At 08:10:38 UTC this morning (02 dec), AO-40 reached MA/phase 15.  Telemetry
info said that the S1 2.4 Ghz beacon was switched ON.
Simultaneously, the 145.898 MHz beacon frequency actually jumped and came
back in a few seconds, showing that a new device was connected to the power
Again, at 08:41:06 UTC, the 2m beacon frequency jumped again, showing that
the previous load was disconnected.
I scanned carefully the 2400.000 to 2402.000 MHz band, but didn't receive
and potential AO-40 beacon signals.
If wonder if my 13 cm reception chain is deaf (23 turns helix + 2880 Drake
converter) or if the sat squint was not good enough for Europe.
Any positive results somewhere else ?


Jean-Louis F6AGR>>
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