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What-If scenarios?

This is a WHAT-IF scenario.  Our students are building a small 15 
Kg satellite for launch in AUgust and we may have a Kg or two of excess
mass budget.  I can think of lots of things I might want to fit in that
space, but I have enough to do already and it is only a what-if scenario.

I make the following suggestion cautiously, because you can never tell
about these things, but if someone has the interest and inclination and
talent and wanted to fly a project, it wouldnt hurt to have one built and
on the shelf ready to go, if we or some other amateur satelltie project
turned up with excess space at some time in the future..

We dont have any excess power budget, so it would be something that could
be turned on occassionally, and we dont have room for any other antennas
unless it was a real must-have item.  Though we might share one of our
existing ones. Here are some thoughts.

1)  I want to find ways to use the Radio Shack $139 all mode rigs for
satellite use to serve as an entry level.   Maybe a simple FSK oscillator
XMTR that could send down our AX.25 packets on 10m.
2)  Or a linear transponder about 30 KHz wide?  I want to try 10m up
(where the users 25 watts could easily hit us even if we are only using a
short inefficient antenna)
3)  ANyone have a space qualified GPS?  (I do have a NASA contact)
3)  Maybe a simplex repeater (parrot mode)
4)  Maybe an SBAND beacon (though with P3D, I see no real need for another
5)  Anything else?  Id like to see a dedicated SSTV satellite for example

Again, this is only hypothetical, but if anyone out there has something
serious that is truely space capable, we may as well think about  it.

Size would be limited to an 8 inch square tray with about 1 inch height or

de WB4APR,bob

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