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2.4ghz satellite downlink and 2.4ghz Internet radio access

Hi, I realise this is slightly off subject but I have a problem which I am
sure someone can help with.

Living in a rural area, (even though only 25miles from Auckland, my internet
access is dreadful, with very slow speeds and continual disconnects.
New Zealand telecom, have tried their best to improve the line, to no avail.
The problem appears to be in their PCM network. (Analog to PCM etc)
We are just too far for ADSL, and ISDN is far far too expensive.

The alternative looks to be high speed access via SHF. The local access is
on 2.4ghz, the supplier thinks it is 2.437 or 2.473ghz?? they aren't too
sure at this stage.

Has anybody used a 2.4ghz internet access, does it destroy the satellite
downlink on 2.400 etc?? Am I imagining a problem?  Or would I have to switch
off the internet access if I wanted to listen on 2.4ghz?

Before I sign up I would appreciate some comment..

Ross Biggar

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