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Re: Norad Keps and AO-40

It's not too bad, as long at the object numbers don't change (can you say 

Use "Edit Satellite Database" and delete AO-40.
Shutdown Wisp.

Restart Wisp. Ignore any errors on startup about AO-40 not existing (that's 
what you want!)
Now "update satellite database" with file containing the keps you want to 
use for AO-40.

Shutdown Wisp, restart Wisp.  You can use "Edit Satellite Database" to 
double check and see if you are using the right set now.

Should be right now....I had to do this yesterday, too.

Another more drastic way (if object numbers are changed, for example) is to 
delete/rename the Wisp Schedule.DAT and Wisp.KEP files, and the 
restart/reload with a proper set of keps for all the birds.

73 and good luck,

Mark N8MH

At 01:54 PM 12/2/2000, Alan K. Adamson wrote:
>They are off at least 34 mins at my location... Atlanta.  Copied AO-40 for
>34 mins after the calculated LOS...
>Adjust accordingly.  Its not easy to make wisp go back to a prior version,
>so I'll have to wait until I get new ones that are accurate from Norad :-(.

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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