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Re: OK Telemetry Now What

It's easy...watch the RED text in P3T ;-)

Really, it does get your attention.  For example, I've figured out when the 
Magnet is turned ON.

Now today I saw something new that admittedly would be nice to know more 
about.  In the Navigation window under LIU/SP deploy, I saw ARU A and ARU B 
listed as ON.  That is the first I've seen that I as I recall...I'm still 
copying telemetry right now, so I hate to stop and double check it for 
accurracy, but I'm sure I saw it ON.

The documentation is out there, it's just a bit overwhelming to digest in a 
single reading or two.  But I'm trying.  For example using 
http://www.amsat-dl.org/p3d/ I found

Array Release Unit. Electronics that releases the stowed solar panels so
that they swing out to their operational "wing" position for 3-AXIS MODE.

I find THIS interesting...are they exercising the circuits for opening the 
solar panels?  Not sure...I need to double check the telemetry after 
filtering and replay it this afternoon.

The one field that confused me is the V-Tx field.  Reading the 
documentation suggest to me that it is saying 128 Watts.  However, Peter 
said it was more like 15.  I wonder if there is a misplaced decimal point, 
so it really is 12.8 Watts?  I'm only guessing here...

Anyhow, it's fun to watch and replay the values.  Gives me something to do ;-)


Mark N8MH

At 09:21 AM 12/2/2000, hasan schiers wrote:
>Now that we have two superb sources for AO-40 Telemetry, (the internet and
>soundcard demods), could someone point me to an explanation of the kinds of
>things that we should be looking at and what observations we might make?
>What values are nominal in each field? (Where that concept makes sense)
>Is there a good explanation for each of the fields in Stacy's P3T program?
> >From the Power Window (What is nominal for each?)

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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