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Re: AO-40 2.4 GHz S1 beacon

Hello this is Yoshi.

At 2000/12/02 17:50:27 Jean-L. RAULT wrote:
> I scanned carefully the 2400.000 to 2402.000 MHz band, but
> didn't receive and potential AO-40 beacon signals.
> If wonder if my 13 cm reception chain is deaf (23 turns helix
> + 2880 Drake converter) or if the sat squint was not good enough
> for Europe.
> Any positive results somewhere else ?

  Mmm.. I do not know the real reason.

  For these days, I tryed to watch S-band signals. It is weak
at my station, and also not so strong at another Japanese hams.
But some VK stations are reported that was strong. Of couse my
antenna is not so good, but maybe there is another factor.

  So I made a chart that is reason why It is weak at JA and
strong at VK. Sorry for some miss-spelling. I am not so good
english writer  Hi :-)


  Is this correct?

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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