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Re: Kenwood TS-2000

Both AES and Ham Radio outlet had prices on the website a few days 
ago...one was $2300, other other $2200 as I recall... of course, no stock ;-)


Mark N8MH

At 12:19 AM 12/2/2000, Jon Ogden wrote:
>on 12/1/00 12:22 PM, Perry Yantis at PYantis@compuserve.com wrote:
> > On pricing she stated that the list price she had is $2500 and that they
> > planned to sell it for $2229.95.
>This is interesting.  I don't think the radio has been FCC accepted yet and
>therefore, no one should be giving pricing.
>$2230 seems a little steep considering an FT-847 costs less than $1500.
>That's a BIG difference.  So I get one more band (L band) and another FM
>radio/tnc.  I can buy an L band transverter and put it at the mast for a lot

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