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Re: Kenwood TS-2000

>From: "Mark L. Hammond" <hammond@surrealnet.net>
>>The 1296 module for my TS-790 when it was brand new 8 years ago was around
>>With 8 years of technology advances since the TS-790 was built I would
>>guess that the 1296 module could be made cheaper today then it was 8 years
>>ago(also the module was in a case with its own cooling fan).
>Heh...I bought my 1.2GH module for the TS-790 about a month or two ago...it 
>was about $550.
>It's nice to do wishful thinking, though.

Well Guys:

I think I'll stay with my FT-847 that I bought for $1599 two years ago.

I just placed an advance order with Downeast Microwave for their 1269
transmit convertor, model 1269 TX144.  Estimated cost, assembled, is
$400-440 and it has 20w output.  I also asked Steve to put me down on a
waiting list for their x-band Rx convertor {price TBD}.  BTW they are
offering a 2400/144 RX convertor {pre-production model while supply lasts}.
(boy do I wish he gave sales commissions ;-)

It appears that AO-40 has caused a flurry of buying sat gear.  I ordered
repair parts for my 436CP42 from M2, today, and they are completely out of
satellite antennas!

Recent discussions have given me a "bright idea":  I am going to put my 432
antenna up on my roof {which is flat} along with a small dish for 2400.  I
have it sitting on the ground using a short roof-top tripod tower, right now.

Good night!
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