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Re: instant-track v1.5

Paul Williamson wrote:

> At 01:05 PM 11/27/2000 +1030, David Giles wrote:
> >A question for those who have the new Instant track program.
> >
> >Can the local time setting differ from UTC by a half hour?
> Yes! In fact, any offset (in seconds) is possible.
> However, note that I'm investigating a report from a user in your area that
> this feature is broken. If I find it is broken, there will be another new
> release. That would be a free upgrade for 1.50 users, of course.
> 73  -Paul
> kb5mu@amsat.org
> Hello Paul & David,

David, as I said in my last email I am running my PC on utc time so hadn't
tried the "time_offset_seconds"
in the IT.INI file, however after seeing the email from Paul, I have just tried
it and it works OK for me.
You must go into IT.INI and uncomment  the line "timezone = UTC0"  then
uncomment the line
"timezone_offset_seconds = -37800" for Sth. Aust. summertime. Don't forget to
change it back to
"34200" seconds when we go back to winter time.  Best of luck David.
                    73 de Tony....VK5ZAI.
 J.A.(Tony) Hutchison.
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