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Re: AO-40 Pictures

At 11:36 PM 12/1/2000 -0500, Stacey E. Mills, M.D. wrote:
>Image is scanned (top to bottom) from camera to RAM during 1.2 seconds.

Hmm. Unfortunate.

>Current RPM is 5.22, so the field rotates 37.6 degs. during the process of storing the image from top to bottom.
>This creates the distortion.  As we speed up the RPM, it'll get worse.

What's the target spin rate for maneuvering?

>Someone with time and interest might want to do the math and pixel manipulation to un-distort the images.

A simple linear stretch seems to do a reasonable job of making the horizon round. I'm not sure I understand how that can correct a twist during the exposure.

Maybe I'm confused about where this camera is mounted. Is it not looking out in a direction parallel to the spin axis?

73  -Paul

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