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Re: TrakBox and FT-736 band switching

I have been trying to sort out the same problem here with my TrakBox-ll and
Sorry I can't help you but I too would appreciate any advice on a way
around the problem.
Below are a few lines from my freq.dat file, - the rig will not (auto)
switch bands between AO-40 and the other sats.

UO-22 435.120 145.900,145.975 fm fm cat no
AO-40 145.898 435.000 usb usb cat no  
KO-23 435.175 145.900,145.850 fm fm cat no

73's    John     G7ETA

 => Jim Heck  wrote:
> At our local club we have been thinking of ways to set up an AO-40 TLM
>internet server using P3T. At the club we have a UO-22 Satgate station
>running 24/7 also a permanant internet connection with static IP addresses.
>Also access to a RUH PSK demodulator.
>So we more or less have all we need .. BUT ... we cannot get the Trak Box to
>switch bands on the FT-736. (Rx UO-22 on 70cms, RX AO-40 on 2 metres). There
>is reference to this problem in the Trak Box documention on the TAPR web
>site, saying that they had included a work around for this problem (by
>intially switching the rx band to 1260 Mhz), but it doesnt seem to work for
>us (We have no 1260Mhz module fitted to the FT-736). We'd be very grateful
>if anyone could advise us on this problem...

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