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RE: Telemetry

Guess I better help here....

Pass wasn't a very good one in NA today, errors could have been high as the
pass was only about 7hours long and had quite an unusual orientation for

Anyway, what I really wanted to correct in the ip address for

To do that a little explanation -  I have an adsl line that serves this
information, but it uses DHCP to get an address, this address will change
sometimes.  I also have a cable modem with a static address and have setup
highrf.com with the DNS on the static address.  I then automatically get the
IP address from my adsl connection and update the DNS records for
highrf.com.  In effect, highrf.com has dynamic dns capability.  The Timeout
on the records for highrf.com are set to 5 mins in DNS land.

So, what does all this mean to you as users...

a) you can't trust that the IP address will always be the same - you can
*trust* that the name will be the same
b) if you need to use the address instead of the name, do a ping
audio.highrf.com from a dos box and use that address
c) if you are connected and you seem to be not getting any updates, just
drop your connection, check the ip address (if you are using it that way)
and reconnect (I might have got a new IP address while you were connected)
d) one other note, it could take up to 5mins for the DNS records to expire
to reflect the new IP address that might have been assigned to
audio.highrf.com, so just wait a couple of minutes and reconnect.
e) if you want to know if I'm really decoding or note, check my audio
links... in your player, not browser, open url http://audio.highrf.com/live
for a 16K stream and http://audio.highrf.com/icy_0 for an 8K stream.... When
I'm not active, you'll get NOAA weather for Atlanta :-)

It's not a perfect setup, but it does work and it works quite well.  YOu
might ask, why don't I use the static address on my cable modem and not
worry about the dynamic setup on my adsl.  Well, my cable modem is 1M down
and 33.6 up (dialup)... I can serve way more users across a 256K upstream
than I can a 33.6K one :-)

One final comment, it's not going to be any faster to use the IP address in
place of the name.  The DNS happens only once per connection, so once the
name is resolved the software uses the address anyway, we are only talking
one DNS lookup and that is measured in milliseconds anyway.

Have fun, the port will stay the same all the time and so will the name....
audio.highrf.com port 8081


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Noticed alot of errors on the internet feed today. I was also having the
same problem this morning off the bird direct. Anyone else having
problems this morning.
One other note: If you are having problems connecting to
audio.highrf.com try using the IP address instead. The
connection will be a bit faster as you won't have to use DNS lookup.

The IP's for the 2 internet servers are: (audio.highrf.com) Port 8081     Port 1040

73 bill wa2tqi

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