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TrakBox and FT-736 band switching

Hi All,

 At our local club we have been thinking of ways to set up an AO-40 TLM
internet server using P3T. At the club we have a UO-22 Satgate station
running 24/7 also a permanant internet connection with static IP addresses.
Also access to a RUH PSK demodulator.

So we more or less have all we need .. BUT ... we cannot get the Trak Box to
switch bands on the FT-736. (Rx UO-22 on 70cms, RX AO-40 on 2 metres). There
is reference to this problem in the Trak Box documention on the TAPR web
site, saying that they had included a work around for this problem (by
intially switching the rx band to 1260 Mhz), but it doesnt seem to work for
us (We have no 1260Mhz module fitted to the FT-736). We'd be very grateful
if anyone could advise us on this problem...


Jim Heck, G3WGM


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