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Re: Re: Arrow antenna


"Howard Long" <howard@howardlong.com> writes:

> I have tried to place all elements for each band on 
> one boom, but I had
> enormous difficulties in tuning in. In fact I failed! 
> If someone manages this successfully I'd be very 
> interested.

I have modeled, or tried to model I should say, combining 2 m and 70 cm parasitic elements in the same plane in NEC4Win several times.  The results were always unsatisfactory, primarily due to the near-resonance (harmonic) of the 2 m elements to the 70 cm driven element.  The only satisfactory arrangement I could ever come up with was to place the 70 cm elements "ahead" of the 2 m elements, much like the home brew antenna by Tony Langdon and the Comet dual-band beam.  The goal, of course, was to minimize boom length, but I was never able to reach that goal:  Allen's Arrow Antenna is built that way for good reason :-)
Jerry, K5OE

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