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Re: TS-2000 a Sat Rig ??????

At 03:52 PM 12/1/2000 +0000, you wrote:

>In Sat mode however, you can do all modes on all bands, except that both
>VFO's won't work on the _same_ band. And you can't dual RX. One VFO is RX
>and the other is TX: FULL DUPLEX on ALL MODES, including mixed modes on
>differing bands. Just like an FT-847. My only caveat to this is that I
>didn't check if it will do mode K (21MHz up, 28MHz down). It will definitely
>do modes A, B, J duplex. Only ten sat memories. (847 has 12).

I noticed that the ads say 'IF DSP on main band and AF DSP on sub band'.
Every main/sub type satellite radio I have seen makes you transmit on the 
main band and receive on the sub band, which in turn means that you use the 
less capable receiver for satellite downlink. It would be nice to know if 
this is true with the TS-2000.

Also I read the manual and could not find the up/down mic click step size 
in SSB, or any menu to change the default, whatever it is.

ron w8gus.
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