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Kenwood TS-2000

I talked to the local amateur radio store  today.

They say that the Kenwood TS2000 should be in for sale near the end of

On pricing she stated that the list price she had is $2500 and that they
planned to sell it for $2229.95.

The problem is she said all she had was one price and did not know if that
was the model that had 1296 module on it which is an option according to
the manual for the rig.

She stated that her pricing information was just for the rig and no other
prices was given for the 1296 module.

This is interesting.

I would guess that $2229.95 would be a good price IF the 1296 module was
included and I would want to buy it.

The 1296 module for my TS-790 when it was brand new 8 years ago was around

With 8 years of technology advances since the TS-790 was built I would
guess that the 1296 module could be made cheaper today then it was 8 years
ago(also the module was in a case with its own cooling fan).

I guess I will just have to wait, but the manual did give two different
model numbers for one with and another without the 1296 module.

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