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Re: TS-2000 a Sat Rig ??????

Hi Robson

I can assure you that it is a sat rig.

I had the pleasure of operating one last week.

You can operate the VFOs in TRACE mode in forward and reverse (although the
preproduction model I was using had the reverse button, but the VFO still
went in the same direction).

There's two basic modes: Normal operation and Satellite operation.

When in Normal operation, you can do all modes on all bands on the main VFO,
but only AM/FM on 2m and 70cm on the sub VFO. This includes dual receive. So
you are correct in what you say for the Normal mode.

In Sat mode however, you can do all modes on all bands, except that both
VFO's won't work on the _same_ band. And you can't dual RX. One VFO is RX
and the other is TX: FULL DUPLEX on ALL MODES, including mixed modes on
differing bands. Just like an FT-847. My only caveat to this is that I
didn't check if it will do mode K (21MHz up, 28MHz down). It will definitely
do modes A, B, J duplex. Only ten sat memories. (847 has 12).

In essence, you have all the functionality of an FT-847 (except 2 less sat
memories). Add to that dual RX on the subband on AM/FM. An integrated TNC.
23cms capability. Built in ATU. Ugly exterior which grows on you.

73 Howard G6LVB
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> >The user manual and front/back panel pictures of the new Kenwood
> >rig are available on the FCC site at:
> >
> >
> >
> >ode=Edit&form=Exhibits&application_id=98908&fcc_id=K4431201110
> >
> >Richard / N1VXW
> >
> >Richard Lubash
> >rlubash@poco.mv.com
> I just downloaded the manual above and noted that the Specifications
> section is missing.
> On the Satellite operation section says nothing about full-duplex
> capability, the text
> only tells about moving the two vfos in sync:
> This transceiver has a function that
> automatically keeps the sum or difference between
> the two frequencies identical when you change the
> receive frequency.
> The subreceiver is only AM/FM capable:
> The TS-2000 transceiver is equipped with 2
> independent receivers. The main transceiver can
> receive from 30 kHz to the UHF band (or 1.2 GHz
> band if the optional UT-XX is installed) while the sub-receiver
> can receive signals in FM or AM mode on
> the VHF (144 MHz) or UHF (430/ 440MHz) band.
> So it seems to me that its not really a sat rig.
> Better keep my old, also Kenwood,TS711 and TS811.
> 73 de Robson - PY1DGV
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