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Norad keps

Just got a new set of keps from Norad - (celestrak).  Looks like they
changed the 26609 object quit a bit... AOS/LOS times moved by as much at
30mins... problem is, I'm pretty sure they moved the wrong way.

I have been using Norad keps for the last week or so, and I've noticed that
LOS happens with a very strong signal.  The one occasion that I was home to
check, by the time I tuned back to the telem freq, the sat was gone.

I just noticed that the LOS shortened by 30mins over what it was before the
keps update.  I'm pretty sure that they sat will be there after keps show
it's gone.

Are we still object shuffled, or did Norad, just give us bad numbers?

While I'm on the keps thing.... Did we ever sort out the object numbers with
the Saudi sats, and TiungSat?  Norad still has Tiungsat at ...65 and yet we
all know that it is ...68 and that is assigned, in the norad listing, to

Any other observations?

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