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Re: Proposed Internet Space Telemetry Protocol

On 11/30/00 11:48 AM john melton (John.Melton@uk.sun.com) wrote:

>Excellent spec.  I was just playing with the TCP stream from Mark Hammond 
>generated by the P3T server using one of our socks servers to get through 
>firewall here at Sun.  Next step was to write some code so that I could 
>P3D from work.
>Are you intending writing any code for the server end?  I would be 
>interested in 
>working on some code for the client end (NOT Windows)!
One thing you ought to design for from the start is a database. In APRS, 
I did the internet server of real-time data (aprs.net) first, then three 
years later I tacked on the database (findu.com). The result is not as 
seamless as if I had designed both at the same time.

There actually are some significant parallels between this project and 
the APRS project, I'd be happy to share my acculumated (and sometimes 
bitterly acquired) experience. If anyone is interested, feel free to 
contact me by email.

Steve K4HG

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