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> While we were in Costa Rica, TI5KD drove down from San Jose 
> and spent a
> night with us at Quepos.  He brought some PVC irrigation 
> pipe, brass welding
> rod, his tools, test gear and a couple of antenna articles.  
> In 2 hours we
> built a set of crossed yagis and he made contacts on both 
> UO-14 passes that
> night.  The antenna worked great and he had zero dollars 

Sounds great!  One thing I try and emphasise to people is that it doesn't
take a huge station to work satellites, and for the home brewer, there's a
lot of cheap options, like we've both described.  You can see my antenna on
my web site.  Go to http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/sat.html, and click on the
link that mentions building an antenna.  Design and photo is on the site.
It's rough and ready (i.e. not impedance matched to the nth degree, in
favour of ruggedness), and works quite well, especially on 70cm.

> (well actually
> colones) invested.  He also brought an ICOM 706 which we used 
> on 6 meters
> and a can of beans from Mexico which we ate with gusto along 
> with local tuna
> and vegetables..yum!

Sounds like you had fun. :-)
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