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RE: Proposed Internet Space Telemetry Protocol

> Great idea! One thing to allow is the ability to either 
> stream the data in
> real-time or store for either http or ftp recall. I currently 
> can't access
> the TCP/IP servers because of our firewall. If telemetry data 
> can be stored
> on a server and the files retrieved with say ftp, it seems I 
> could write a
> web page that would display the data. Also the data could be 
> archived for
> historical purposes.

In the UNIX tradition, that archiving function could be done by a separate
process which connects to a TCP/IP server in the same way as a normal
client.  That way, it could be run on the server itself, or by anyone who
wants to collect archives over the Net (even if they don't have a receiver).
Something like:

./tel-archive 2001 > /home/ftp/telemetry.txt &

This functionality could also be built into the programs that display
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