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RE: How about this? AO-40 award rewards.

>From: "Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL" <vlfiscus@mcn.net>

>At 12:00 AM 11/29/00 -0500, "Barry A. Baines" <bbaines@mediaone.net> wrote:
>>You've certainly made an interesting proposal.   How do you suggest we make
>>it happen?
>First, this is not meant to be a contest, just an opportunity to receive a 
>certificate to celebrate and commemorate the opening of AO-40 and to spark 
>interest in satellites and Amsat worldwide.
>1.) I think what we need to know before we decide whether or not to do this 
>is: Would the AO-40 command stations feel comfortable with it. Something 
>like this could put alot of strain on satellite systems at a time when such 
>strain might not be desired. If the AO-40 command stations see no problem 
>then we might plan to proceed.
>2.) Find volunteers to: (Amsat is about being a volunteer.)
>         a.) Design certificate, and print up a few.
>         b.) Announce the event. (ARRL, AMSAT, QRZ.com, and other on-line 
>         c.) Determine Mail-in crew
>                 Individuals who'll handle funds and forward them to Martha.
>                 Verify claimed contacts and list them.
>         d.) Determine mail-out crews
>                 These guys will send out the earned certificates.
>3.) Hold Event - AO-40 ready for business
>4.) Count the Totals, How many Certificates need to be printed?
>         a.) Mail-in crew forwards list of *paid* claimed Qso's to the
>             appropriate mail-out crew.
>5.) Mail-crews would be mailing the certificates.  There would need to be 
>different crews in different countries to cut down on postal expenses.
>As you can see, if the command stations o.k. this event we'll need 
>volunteers, and there are alot of members that have managed this sort of 
>thing before. Their experience will be valuable.
>We'll also need time to plan this. If the activation of AO-40 is still a 
>couple months out, then we might have the time to properly do it.

Vince, Barry, etal:

I have held off awhile to see other comments.  So let me preface my
suggestion with this:  With exception of Field Day and SKN, I am in favor
of keeping the satellites free of contesting.

As far as awards go, if volunteers step forward to administrate them, I
think a first QSO on AO-40 award would be a nice touch!

Now my suggestion:  I would like to see this "1st QSO" extended to a giving
"stickers" for each mode worked.  You know if you make your first mode LS
contact, US, LX, CK, etc.  It would be a nice recognition of getting on
those modes that require extra effort or ability, and it would also add a
little more incentive.  The grand daddy would be worked-all-AO-40-modes
{and I would include copying telemetry in this}.

My two cents.


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