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Email Prediction responder updated for AO-40


I've updated my prediction emailer to include AO-40.  It's using the Norad
keps and while they are 6 days old currently, I get the new distribution
each day at 2:00am EST.

Again, quick instructions.

send email to igor@highrf.com
subject - your callsign
body - as noted below

predict <satname> <location> <timezone> <number of days to predict>


predict list - will provide listing of sats available.

Couple of notes:

<location> - enter a major city near you, most are there, use the "_"
(underscore) character as a space.  E.g. St_Paul,_MN - would be St. Paul,
MN.  There may be times when you get a note back with multiple choices for
cities, just be as precise as possible but remember, not every place is in
the DB.

<timezone> - ALL US zones are there and UTC, a couple of others and I need
to modify the script to allow a +- number... Later on this however.

Example email bodies.

predict ao27 buford est 7 - 7 day prediction based upon my home city Buford,
GA for AO-27 and in EST times

predict ao-40 salt_lake_city UTC 3 - 3 day prediction based upon an observer
location of Salt Lake City, UT for ao-40 in UTC time

Only one request.  If it doesn't work, please let me know, I'm in the
process of moving over to SatTrack 3.1.6 (with a few enhancements) and I
don't want to break it as I go along.


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