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Re: Awards on AO-40

i have a proposal for doing qsl cards via email. this can be applied to all 
the current amsat awards as well.

the entire procedure is to make sure that the person submitting for an 
award has actually worked the station that they claim to have worked. a 
qsl card is that proof. 

now, in order to do it over the internet and make sure that you have not 
just printed someones card from your computer and then submitted it, i 
would propose that those that want to do electronic qsl cards would 
register somewhere. weather it be with amsat, a eqsl server or something. 
they would then create a qsl card and there would be a barcode on the qsl 
card. this would contain qsl information such as calls of both stations, 
date/time/band/mode/grid and a unique serial number from the person that 
sent it. this serial number could also be printed on the card. 

then, after sending a batch of qsl cards, this one line of information is 
forwarded to a central clearing house (or person). when someone submits 
a card for an award, the barcode could be scanned and the information 
looked at on the screen to indicate that the card was in fact issued by ths 
sender to that person. 

it might even go one step further and the card not even need to be sent in 
but the barcodes printed on a page could then be scanned to make sure 
they all were issued to a certain person and meet the criteria for the 
award. then only that one sheet (or multiple sheets) of paper would have 
to be sent. 

eqsl cards will be accepted at some point for awards, it is just a matter of 
time and ironing out the kinks in it. for those that don't use the eqsl 
service, they would still have to send a qsl card via the mail or buro. 

there are enough of us in amsat that have programming experience and 
could design the barcode program etc to be printed on your eqsl cards. it 
could be something that you would run in a window, then cut and paste it 
to the card you have designed. then email it to the person you want. it 
would be very simple using 39 code. the use of the barcode is only 
suggested to make it easier for the card checker to scan with a wand the 
barcode and not have to type in the serial number of each card to see if it 
is valid.


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