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Re: Proposed Internet Space Telemetry Protocol

Thanks. With AO-40 software demods coming out of the woodwork, a
standard interface spec seemed like an urgent issue.

>Are you intending writing any code for the server end?  I would be interested in 
>working on some code for the client end (NOT Windows)!

Yes I am, though I haven't had much time to spend on it this week. I
am doing a Linux software demod for the 400 bps telemetry format. It
will run as a background daemon that will read raw samples from a
sound card and emit them on standard output and on the Internet using
the protocol I am defining.

My goal is to write a modem with the best possible Eb/No performance,
even if that requires more CPU cycles. It will also be capable of
correctly acquiring (without false lock) a PSK signal anywhere in the
audio passband without operator intervention or
initialization. Eventually I hope to have it generate tuning signals
that are timed to occur in the padding between frames so the tuning
transient won't disrupt any data.


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