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Re: Awards on AO-40

Thanks John for the positive response to QSL- FREE awards, and a description 
of the award YOU are thinking about working up...

I had a considered response to an e-mail I sent to KB5MU, who told me that 
the awards presently available through AMSAT were never meant to be Fund 

Given that we still owe lots of money to a lot of people who gave us a lot of 
help to raise AO-40, I personally think that there has never been a Better 
time for AMSAT Fund Raisers.

That is why I have suggested that:
1. All who would seek after such awards should be AMSAT members, and
2. The fee for such awards should MORE than cover the cost of checking, 
printing, and mailing them.

Yes, I volunteer to administer such a program, just for you folks who were 
about to ask that question.

I noted after some pointed prodding that the "cool" awards such as WAS, WAC, 
DXCC, and some sought-after others are available from ARRL. Well, that's fine 
but it's not what I was after here...

Surely I understand why we might not want to step on any toes, but I have 
become disenchanted with the necessity of getting and accumulating QSL cards 
in order to qualify. I wonder how much a standard DXCC really costs?

I think we should all think about this and maybe come back to the table with 
some creative ways to make this work WITHOUT stepping on toes.

21st Century coming up, you know.

Best regards

Mike Honer, W1BFN
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