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RE: Mime-Version: 1.0

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>    wake up man this is the real world.  Money talks and that doesn.t leve 
>much room for symthay for the little dog.  Did you ever hear the term
>the dog the bone".   well that is exatly what happens in everything in this

>world. You want to play on radio you need the biggest and best of radio 
>equipment, this includes the rig, amplifiers and antenna system .  Dont
>the big boys are going to sit back nad wait for poor little old me or you. 
>They want that contact and that is why they put thousands of dollars and
>of operating time in. Either lead , follow or get out of the way.  I love
>man but------  RAy
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I couldn't agree with you more, but I think you will find allot of the
people here offended. For whatever reason, I've noticed that many of
the folks here either can't or won't spend money for the good stuff.
For some I'm sure the reason is the desire to build their own, and that
is good. For others the limit is obvoiously financial, (especially
obvious when you read somebody's post about saving up for a $500 
purchase, or getting ahold of a 486 computer for whatever reason), 
and that is unfortunate. Then you have those who enjoy the challenge 
of using minimal equipment to accomplish their task, and I think that's 
also pretty good. There are members in all three groups that resent
those who have the biggest and the best. The suggestion that money makes
the world go round, while completely accurate, is not politically correct.

- Mark West

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