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Proposed Internet Space Telemetry Protocol

With all the recent interest in shipping AO-40 telemetry frames over
the Internet, I have put together an initial proposal for a standard
protocol to do this. I am calling it the Spacecraft Telemetry Protocol
(STP), as I am trying to make it general enough to use with any
spacecraft, not just AO-40.

The idea is to add a standardized header to each telemetry frame that,
as a minimum, identifies the satellite and telemetry format, and gives
the length of the frame. Optional headers can be added to identify the
receiving station and/or receiving location, the received date/time,
frequency, and receiver Eb/No (digital SNR). Other optional headers
can be added. The format is patterned after HTTP, the application
protocol used by the World Wide Web.

STP can be sent using either TCP or UDP. If UDP is used, the Internet
Multicast Backbone can also be used. This is an excellent mechanism
for the dissemination of real-time data over the Internet, and it is
well supported under Linux and other operating systems. But other,
more ad-hoc multicast mechanisms could be used as well, such as IRC.

The URL for my spec is


Comments are welcome.


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