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AO-40 as expected on S-band

Hello friends of AO-40,

this morning at MA 20 (09:08 UT) AO-40 appeared as expected
with its S1-GB around 2400.180 MHz due to large Doppler. I
copied the signals with a 60 cm (23,6") diameter dish of
f/d=0.5 with a not perfectly matched feed of 2 1/4 Helix LHCP.
With a total noise-figure of 2 dB the beacon had a S/N of
6-7 dB. That's what I expected with the large mispointing
of the satellite's antenna (see what Stacey W4SM wrote).

I noticed only little QSB but a strong frequency-shift about
every 10 seconds. I guess it was caused by current-load while
magnetorquing once each spinning (around 6 rpm). This QRH made
it impossible for me to lock on the PSK-signal and decode
telemetry on S-band.

The transmitter was turned off at MA 26 (09:24 UT).

73, Frank

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