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TiungSat status

For the past month or so, TiungSat has been operating with a 9600bd downlink
on 437.325MHz. Now, the time has come to switch over to a data rate of 38k4
and this switch was executed this evening over Kuala Lumpur. TiungSat is now
operating at 38k4 with the downlink normally off.  Data recovery at 38k4 is
extremely good with efficiency for most of the pass running around 100%.

We are now also using the high power transmitter with an output power of
around 8W and this should provide a very good 38k4 downlink.  The downside
of this is that with this transmitter operating, the power budget is
negative so we can't support permanent operations.  This therefore requires
the groundstation to switch the downlink on when the satellite comes in
range using the method first used for UO-36.  The way this works is for the
groundstation software to send a request to the spacecraft to switch the
downlink on.  The spacecraft receives this request and checks the batter
voltage to see if it can support the operation, and if it can it will
activate the downlink.  It is not anticipated that there should be any
periods where the downlink is not available due to power limitations as is
the case with Uo-36.

To enable this downlink switching under WiSP you must add a value to the
registry by following these steps -:
Open the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WiSP\Satellites\TiungSat
Right mouse click on the right window in REGEDIT and select NEW->DWORD Value
Enter the name as "Tx Request"
Set the value to 1.

I beleive that other groundstation software does support this feature
however I do not know how to enable it.

Chris G7UPN / ZL2TPO
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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