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Re: Frustrated from Texas (was Mime-Version: 1.0)

Hello Howard!

30 Nov 00 02:18, you wrote to All:

 HL> The FM analog birds are marvelous for their potential capabilities,
 HL> but I agree with you that they're rather frustrating too due to the
 HL> amount of traffic.

You could always make a trip to Australia, though for most, investing in SSB
gear is the cheaper option! ;-)

The evening passes of UO-14 are generally good for a 10 - 15 minute ragchew
here (until a local bunch of hams started playing with satellites, I used to
have passes where I was talking to myself!).  SO-35 is somewhat more popular,
and best kept for the shorter QSOs.

FM works extremely well in low traffic areas.

On SSB, I've only had one random QSO (on FO-29 on a Saturday morning).  All the
other SSB/CW QSOs have been prearranged, as our traffic density is very low on
SSB.  Hoping AO-40 will change that, with the ability to contact Stateside and
other DX stations.

Tony, VK3JED

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