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Re: Why noTransponder use yet?

I guess someone should first test LEILA, before thinking about
activating any transponder.. with the hi-gain antennas, the possibility
of too strong signals isn't  too small. I guess LEILA is quite low in
priority right now..

73s Achim DH2VA

Simon_Lewis@slc.co.uk wrote:
> I think I would rather wait until the satellite was in secure orbital
> position and further commissioning had taken place.
> Patience is the word here. After all these years wait I can wait another
> few weeks - happy to monitor TLM and beacons until then - testing out the
> station.
> Regards
> Simon GM4PLM
> "Howard Z" <howardzz@hotmail.com>@AMSAT.Org on 29/11/2000 18:14:15
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> Subject:  [amsat-bb] Why noTransponder use yet?
> Pardon my selfishness but it would seem to me that since the satellite is
> retaining a very good charge on its' batteries and the 2 m beacon is
> pumping
> out tons of power , then , why can't they just turn on the satellite and
> let
> us use it while they maneuver it ? I really fail to understand this point .
> Howard VE2AED
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