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Maybe I recieved AO-40 S-Beacon this morning.

Hello all. This is Yoshi JF6BCC/KH2GR.

    I saw a news as below this early morning at JAMSAT-bb Mailing

AO-40 Telem.
> A  HI, THIS IS AMSAT OSCAR-40       2000-11-29  15:28:11  #008D 
> +--------------------------------------------------------------+
> | S1 GB 2400.200 MHz on MA 20-26. Attitude 260/-9 moving 270/0 |
> +--------------------------------------------------------------+

    So I tried to hear AO-40's S-band GB at this morning. There
was a pass that I can see between MA 20-26.

  AOS : 20:38z (05:38 Local Time)  MA :  5
        21:19z (06:19 Local Time)  MA : 20  Dopp:-30.56KHz @2400
        21:27z (06:27 Local Time)  MA : 23  Dopp:-28.77KHz @2400
        21:35z (06:35 Local Time)  MA : 26  Dopp:-27.01KHz @2400
  LOS : 07:56  (16:56 Local Time)  MA :250

      At Kitakyushu City, JAPAN GL:PM53JV
      Calculated by Calsat32 with #14 Orbit Element Set
        on AMD K6-200 based PC/Win98.

  Equipments : Yaesu FT-817 & Drake Cvtr. 10 ele 2400MHz HB YAGI.
        Modified Cvtr. pulls down 2400.200MHz into 144.080MHz

  # Photo of my 10ele YAGI antenna
  #   http://plaza16.mbn.or.jp/~palau/images/24g10ele-01.jpg
  #   http://plaza16.mbn.or.jp/~palau/images/24g10ele-03.gif
  # Photo of my drake cvtr. unit
  #   http://plaza16.mbn.or.jp/~palau/images/mode-s-conv01.jpg

    Due to overslept, :-)  I started to receive at 21:26z. I looked
for signals around 144.050-055 and found a weak pure carrier at
144.052. It was weak as S1 but clear, and that frequecy is slowly
going up.
    I tried to move my HB yagi to left/right and up/down, and
that signals can be heard only I pointed my beam at AO-40 position.
Frequency was moving up as 30-50Hz per 10 second. Calsat32 told
me that should be 40Hz/10sec.

    I do not know how about befor 21:26z, but even after 21:35z,
that carrier signal did not stop so can be heard. I left my
house at 21:55z (06:55 Local time) to ride a train for office,
but it was still at there.

    I am not sure, but maybe this is the beacon signal that had
come down from AO-40.

    My 10 ele YAGI is just made up and without adjust. Maybe
the gain is 10dBi oe less. :-)  And attitude 260/-9 with the
AO-40 position at MA 23, thats S-band beam will not pointed me.
Maybe there is 20 degrees outpointing or more.
    So I am not so worry about that the signals was weak. 10
ele small YAGI is not so good as I thought, but I could receive
signals by it - even at S1. 

    I am now building 20 turn 2400MHz helix. Maybe the next time,
I will try wuth it.

    The next chance will come at 09:08z today (MA 20) - at
Europe, South America, and East coast U.S.A. Please try to hear
it! I will waiting for the report.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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