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Re: Frustrated from Texas (was Mime-Version: 1.0)

Hi Greg

First of all, welcome!

The FM analog birds are marvelous for their potential capabilities, but I
agree with you that they're rather frustrating too due to the amount of

I personally much prefer a short chin wag to a contest style exchange.

May I suggest that you consider the transponder sats? I personally have
always found these extremely enjoyable and a lot more fulfilling. Back when
I started on the sats barely a year ago, only AO-27 was available as a
flying repeater. We now have three FM transponder sats.

Don't get me wrong - the FM sats have their place - but I find the SSB
transponders _easier_ to work than the FM birds. This is (a) because theirs
not the competition for a single channel and (b) there's a misconception
that some really expensive specialist equipment is required. True you need
SSB/CW TX and RX. The TX is almost universally 2m at present. The RX can be
any number of combinations of RX's and/or converters. _Well_ worth the
effort IMHO!

73 Howard G6LVB

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> Several weeks ago Jerry (K5SYY??) was at a hamfest in North Texas and
> demoed how to work  the FM birds. He made it look so easy and encouraged
> several of those of us who listened/watched his presentation to finally
> make the attempt ourselves. Now the discouraging part. After reading
> everything there is on the internet,and buying the latest ARRL/AMSAT
> literature, I tried the birds. After 2 weeks I have made only a handful of
> contacts. Thinking that it was me (and I am very certain that I have a lot
> to learn!) I discussed the problems I was having with other hams. One of
> the common "problems" that we have seen is the number of folks who get up
> on the birds and say stuff like, "Hi so & so, from so & so (I didn't want
> to list names here). Usually without any other ID. As crowded as the birds
> are, this takes up a lot of air time. We have also noticed that there are
> usually 3 - 4 stations that overpower everyone else. This is not the same
> thing as a previous thread concerning power on Field day, but rather the
> fact that these gentleman obviously have very nice stations. So the
> question is, what can be done? if anything?
> We did notice that during the holidays that 2 of us were in "rare" grids
> here in Texas and surprisingly both of us made numerous contacts. For me
> was a great time in the pileup! Several of us are looking to make a couple
> of day trips into "rare" grids in the near future.
> I have enjoyed working the FM birds, but I am getting frustrated by the
> problems as described above. Thanks to everyone for your time.
> Greg Higgins
> Greg Higgins
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