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Re: Awards on AO-40

  W1BFN wrote:

Wac> Is it time to break with tradition?

Wac> I suggest that we consider/suggest a set of AMSAT certificates which are QSL 
Wac> FREE.

Wac> Sure, there may be QSLs sent via e-mail. It's fun to have a piece of paper. 
Wac> What I'm talking about is WAS, WAZ, DXCC certified by AMSAT using e-mail 
Wac> only. Maybe it could go like this:

Wac> First, all participants must be AMSAT members, and have AMSAT aliases.

       And the titles! Don't forget the titles! hi hi hi...
       They count as multlipliers... hi

Wac> Next,  those claiming a particular award would publish their log information 
Wac> on this bb .
Wac> Given no challenge, the amateur could then apply for his award directly, 
Wac> along with a check for a reasonable amount, say $15, and receive his 
Wac> certificate.

       And Linux users earn extra points!

Wac> Now, that's what I call a good thread!

      You'll be sorry... hi...

 anderson colla - py1vhf

Wednesday, November 29, 2000
** e-mail: andycolla@usa.net
** home page: http://www.qsl.net/py1vhf
** packet radio: py1vhf@py1lb.rj.bra.sa
** grid locator: GG98if

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