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Newbie and FM Birds

Several weeks ago Jerry (K5SYY??) was at a hamfest in North Texas and 
demoed how to work  the FM birds. He made it look so easy and encouraged 
several of those of us who listened/watched his presentation to finally 
make the attempt ourselves. Now the discouraging part. After reading 
everything there is on the internet,and buying the latest ARRL/AMSAT 
literature, I tried the birds. After 2 weeks I have made only a handful of 
contacts. Thinking that it was me (and I am very certain that I have a lot 
to learn!) I discussed the problems I was having with other hams. One of 
the common "problems" that we have seen is the number of folks who get up 
on the birds and say stuff like, "Hi so & so, from so & so (I didn't want 
to list names here). Usually without any other ID. As crowded as the birds 
are, this takes up a lot of air time. We have also noticed that there are 
usually 3 - 4 stations that overpower everyone else. This is not the same 
thing as a previous thread concerning power on Field day, but rather the 
fact that these gentleman obviously have very nice stations. So the 
question is, what can be done? if anything?

We did notice that during the holidays that 2 of us were in "rare" grids 
here in Texas and surprisingly both of us made numerous contacts. For me it 
was a great time in the pileup! Several of us are looking to make a couple 
of day trips into "rare" grids in the near future.

I have enjoyed working the FM birds, but I am getting frustrated by the 
problems as described above. Thanks to everyone for your time.

Greg Higgins

Greg Higgins
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