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RE: How about this? AO-40 award rewards.

At 12:00 AM 11/29/00 -0500, "Barry A. Baines" <bbaines@mediaone.net> wrote:

>You've certainly made an interesting proposal.   How do you suggest we make
>it happen?

First, this is not meant to be a contest, just an opportunity to receive a 
certificate to celebrate and commemorate the opening of AO-40 and to spark 
interest in satellites and Amsat worldwide.

1.) I think what we need to know before we decide whether or not to do this 
is: Would the AO-40 command stations feel comfortable with it. Something 
like this could put alot of strain on satellite systems at a time when such 
strain might not be desired. If the AO-40 command stations see no problem 
then we might plan to proceed.

2.) Find volunteers to: (Amsat is about being a volunteer.)
         a.) Design certificate, and print up a few.
         b.) Announce the event. (ARRL, AMSAT, QRZ.com, and other on-line 
         c.) Determine Mail-in crew
                 Individuals who'll handle funds and forward them to Martha.
                 Verify claimed contacts and list them.
         d.) Determine mail-out crews
                 These guys will send out the earned certificates.

3.) Hold Event - AO-40 ready for business

4.) Count the Totals, How many Certificates need to be printed?
         a.) Mail-in crew forwards list of *paid* claimed Qso's to the
             appropriate mail-out crew.

5.) Mail-crews would be mailing the certificates.  There would need to be 
different crews in different countries to cut down on postal expenses.

As you can see, if the command stations o.k. this event we'll need 
volunteers, and there are alot of members that have managed this sort of 
thing before. Their experience will be valuable.

We'll also need time to plan this. If the activation of AO-40 is still a 
couple months out, then we might have the time to properly do it.

73 de KB7ADL

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