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Re: Re: Injecting Sunsat digilogs into APRServe

On 11/29/00 1:02 PM Henry Moseley (hmose@sover.net) wrote:

>If everyone was running APRS software AND if there is an automatic station
>telnetting into APRSERVE AND if that station is in the footprint THEN
No, Sunsat keeps a log of every APRS packet heard on the onboard 
computer. The log is saved into a file which is downloaded by the ground 
station. Presently the file is only saved at the start of a voice pass, 
though the controllers are planning on changing it to close and be 
downloaded on every pass, which will result in more timely appearance of 
the reports. The downloaded file is processed and merged automatically 
into the database on findu.com.

In other words, _every_ APRS packet heard by SunSat anywhere on earth 
will appear on findu.com, there is no need for an APRS-internet connected 
station to be in simultaneous range (though if there is the data will 
appear immediately rather than with a delay up to 12 hours).

Steve K4HG

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