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Re: How about this? AO-40 award rewards.

Timothy J Salo wrote:
> > Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 08:05:19 -0500
> > From: "Margaret Leber (KB3DXS)" <maggie@voicenet.com>
> > Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] How about this? AO-40 award rewards.
> >       [...]
> > ... But I'm thinking back to the brouhaha about Field Day. ...
> It seems like disallowing the use of AO-40 for Field Day points may
> make a lot more sense, at least based on the chatter on this list.

I disagree.  The brouhaha about Field Day satellite contacts was
directed at the FM birds, where there is ONE channel that everyone
is struggling to use.  In the three years I have gone to Field Day,
we ONLY used the analog birds (FO-20 and FO-29), and there was
none of the bedlam that was described for the FM birds.  There
was enough activity to find someone to call, and there were plenty
of free spots in the transponder bandwidth to "camp out" and start
calling CQ.  AO-40 will have the potential to be an absolutely
superb bird for satellite contacts, with its large footprint,
long hang time, modest Doppler at apogee, wide transponder
bandwidth, etc.  If anything, it might turn out to be such a
good satellite to work that it would be disallowed because of not
being challenging enough!

Back to the original thread about a contest/award/certificate etc.
for Oscar 40, my opinion would currently favor something a lot
simpler and less taxing of the bird on its first available time
slot.  Those of you who have been around the Amateur satellite
service a lot longer than me, back to the days of the commissioning
of Oscar 10 and Oscar 13, may recall an award for "First Day QSO".
I believe that all that was needed was a single confirmed QSO on
the first day that the satellite's transponder was made available
for general Amateur service.  Since that "first day" only happens
once, the certificate would have significant sentimental value.
But needing to get only a single contact would allow lots of
folks to do the same.  On the other hand, I'm not saying that it
would be appropriate to prohibit people from making more than
one QSO.  After all, if one station made 50 QSO's, that could
be as many as 51 people who qualified for the First Day QSO

Based on the volume of email flowing through amsat-bb, there is
intense interest in working AO-40 and a lot of pent-up
anticipation.  It would be a shame to have 5,000 hams fighting
to make 20 contacts each, and filling the transponder bandwidth
from top to bottom leaving no room for the weaker stations to
slip in and make their requisite number of contacts.

On the other hand, maybe AO-40 could support 50,000 to 100,000
QSO's in 24 hours without a hitch.  I honestly don't know, but
somehow I doubt it.

Just my opinion, nothing more.

Just hope the inaugural event doesn't occur when I'm out of
town on business trip or some such thing!

73 to all
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